No More Robots isn't just another video game publisher.

No More Robots is the brainchild of Mike Rose, the industry veteran who previously took publisher tinyBuild to great heights with titles like Punch Club, Party Hard and Clustertruck. He originally made a name for himself as a video game critic for the likes of Gamasutra, Kotaku and PocketGamer.

No More Robots is a data-driven publishing label, utilizing wide-ranging video game sales figures and statistics to pin down exactly what makes games sell.

No More Robots is a publishing label run by real people, with real publishing experience, and the goal is to work alongside some of the games industry's greatest talent.


Who We Are

Mike Rose - Company Director
Mike is an ex-game critic turned publishing expert, and has helped numerous devs selling hundreds of thousands of games. Previously he discovered and published games at tinyBuild, and prior to that he wrote about video games at Gamasutra, Kotaku, PocketGamer and more. The rumours that he is incredibly loud are mostly true.

Mike on Twitter

Simon Carless - Publishing Advisor
Simon is a 20+ year veteran of game development, media and event-organizing, including previous stints as the Chairman of the Independent Games Festival and Publisher/EIC of Game Developer magazine and Gamasutra. He also co-founded GDC's Independent Games Summit, and can often be seen chanting the word 'indie' into the mirror.

Simon on Twitter

Pip Hoskins - Head of Operations
Pip has been a streamer for five years, playing everything from AAA to niche indie in front of live audiences across multiple locations and platforms. She's consulted on working with content creators and accessibility, as well as helped run a podcast that was 'Not Bad'. Some people think she's a Siren, but she's never worn red and blue together at the same time.

Pip on Twitter

Jas Purewal - Business Advisor
Jas is a video games lawyer and business advisor, counselling businesses from micro-indies to major studios on legal and business affairs. He has co-written books on games law and business and is an advisor to or board member of games businesses, schools and institutions. He is 50% Phoenix Wright, 45% Tom Hagen, and 5% Denny Crane.

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