At the outer reaches of the Frontier Galaxy, you’ve arrived at TombStar. You’ve risked it all to be here, and the odds of leaving alive are slim to none. Grab your weapon, gunslinger. You’re going to need it.

At the edges of the Galaxy, the Grimheart Gang have driven away every peaceful settler and claimed the whole star system to themselves. Efforts to remove them have been failures, until now. As part of an eclectic group of gunslingers, your job is to bring these criminals to justice, both for their crimes against the galaxy as well as for your own personal vengeance.

TombStar is a top-down space Western shooter with roguelike elements that follows a group of ferocious gunslingers in their quest to bring down the biggest outlaw gang in the Frontier Galaxy and free society from their tyrannical grip.

Grab your gun, and get ready for the intergalactic fight of your life:

Blaze your way through hordes of assorted space scum, from pistol-wielding cowpokes to robots with death lasers

Collect valuable loot, powerful upgrades and an abundance of dynamic weapons

Cross four planets with their own distinct and gruelling alien landscapes to infiltrate the Grimheart Gang’s territory

Free society from tyranny and dispatch your own brand of justice in this lawless world