It’s time to Build a Zoo! Construct and decorate enclosures, buy and breed animals, hire zookeepers and vets… then try your hand at DNA splicing, and stitch together over 300,000 different types of animal. This can only go smoothly…

It’s time to build a zoo! Let out your wild side, and create your own animal empire with this cute, expansive management sim. Import and breed rare creatures, hire the right staff, keep your visitors happy, and deal with plenty of weird and wonderful events. Then try your hand at DNA Splicing, and stitch together over 300,000 different types of animal, ranging from the majestic Giraffephant to the peaceful PandOwl!

Ever wondered what a ChicKaka would look like? Now you can find out!

Build your own zoo with over 500 different animals at your disposal, then splice together over 300,000 different animal combinations

Keep your animals and your visitors happy, with hundreds of buildings, foliage, path and enclosure decorations

Control everything that happens in your park, from what your animals eat to what eats your animals…

Decide whether you want to run your Zoo above board… or break the law and pocket the extra cash