Family Man is a first-person story-led RPG that asks the question: When pushed to the limits of your own morality, how far would you go for the sake of your family?

You owe money to the mob, and you’ve got 3 weeks to pay it back. Will you flip burgers and earn an honest living while scrapping the money together… or will you take on some dirty jobs for more cash, but potentially push your family away?

Every decision you make not only affects the neighborhood, but directly affects your family. Your choices impact how your family sees you, and can lead to your household becoming stronger than ever… or the breakdown of your marriage and relationship with your son.

It’s your life: Decide how you want to deal with each situation that arises

Moral compass: Earn cash the hard (legal) way, or break a few rules here or there

For the sake of your family: Every choice you make affects your family

Build relationships: Unlock bonuses for every person you help (or hinder)